Liquid-Liquid Coalescers

Threaded Base, Bag Seal, Code 3 O-ring Seal and Code 6 O-ring Seal options for Liquid-Liquid Coalescers.Champion Process, Inc's “LL” series cartridges are designed to coalesce immiscible non-continuous phase liquids from continuous phase liquids. As fluid passes through these LL coalescers and across the media the tiny suspended droplets of the non-continuous phase are brought together into larger droplets. These larger droplets respond faster to gravity and the two phases separate.

Liquid-Liquid Coalescers Materials

These liquid-liquid coalescers and liquid-liquid separators media choices are available as glass fiber, polyester, polypropylene, and nylon 66. Micron ratings are available from 0.5 µm to 70 µm. 

Liquid-Liquid Coalescers Applications

At Champion Process, we provide liquid-liquid coalescers to clients in the U.S. and across the globe. Some of our industry partners include refinerypetrochemicalpipelinewastewater/municipalities and much more. Below are some of the typical applications for liquid-liquid coalescers.

  • Removal of Water from Hydrocarbons  (Glass or Nylon)
  • Removal of Amine from Hydrocarbons  (Nylon)
  • Removal of Caustic from Hydrocarbons  (Nylon)
  • Removal of Oil from Water Phase  (Depth Polyester)
  • Removal of Water from Strong Solvents  (Nylon)
  • Longer Service Life Requirements  (Pleated) 

Liquid-Liquid Coalescers Performance

  • Absolute Micron Rating: 0.5 to 70 micron
  • Droplet Removal Efficiency: Up to 99.99%
  • Will coalesce droplets as small as 0.3µm
  • Interfacial Tension (IFT) as low as 10 dyne/cm

Liquid-Liquid Separator Specifications

  • Maximum Temperature: 180 ºF (Polypropylene), 220°F (Glass), 300°F (Nylon) 
  • Initial Pressure Drop: 1 - 2 psid
  • Recommended Changeout15 psid 
  • Discontinuous Phase concentrationup to 3% (30,000 ppm) 
  • Lengths Available14.5” to 80” 
  • Outside diameters: 3.75”, 4.5”, 6”
  • Core: Metal, Polymeric, Coreless 
  • End caps: Threaded, O-ring, or DOE 
  • Media: Nylon 66, Glass Fiber


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