Commercial Filter Gauges & Ancillary Filter Equipment

Commercial Filter Gauges & Ancillary Filter Equipment

Champion Process can supply all the accessories you may need to dress out your vessel.  We can provide valves, pressure gauges, sight glasses, liquid level controllers, DP gauges and Pressure Relief valves.  

Available Ancillary Filter Equpment Available:

  • Differential Pressure Measurement (additional key words for this DP Measurement, DP Gauge, DP Assembly)
  • Bolt on Sumps (also known as Boot, water knockout and knockout boot)
  • Level Gauge Assembly (also known as LL Gauge)
  • Thermal Relief Valve & Piping
  • Pressure Relief Valve
  • Blind Flanges
  • Studs, nuts & gaskets
  • Hammer Union Piping
  • Hammer Union Cross-overs
  • Cross Over Sets

Liquid Level Gauge

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