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Filter Equipment Rentals

Filter Equipment Rentals

Why purchase equipment for short-term or emergency projects? Champion Process carries a full inventory of mobile industrial filtration and power equipment for short- or long-term rental, and products are available in standard and mobile configurations. Crafted with the highest engineering quality, rental equipment options include:


Useful for a variety of applications, CPI rental vessels are especially helpful for pipeline pigging operations. The solids generated in pigging can overwhelm a standard filter system, causing filter clogging and eventual failure. To keep up with these solids levels, standard systems require frequent filter changes over a short time period. Our pipeline pigging filtration solutions offer high flow rates that can remove a slug of solids exceeding 300 lbs.  The result?  Fewer filters, fewer change-outs, and less equipment downtime. 

CPI rental vessels are available as skid-mounted units, or with legs and saddles as requested. Our fleet contains ANSI 600 and ANSI 900 high-capacity and high-pressure options.

While high-flow housings are our specialty, CPI also offers economical single-element horizontal and vertical vessels for lower flow rates. An 8” diameter CPI housing containing a single 80” filter can handle up to 500 gpm flow, and match the solids holding of larger 24” diameter vessels with standard 40” filters. 

Features and benefits of CPI rental housings include:

  • No capital equipment expense = huge savings
  • Your choice of flow rates, temperature resistance, pressure ratings and alloy of construction.
  • Single- and multiple-element housings designed to hold bag, cartridge, or string-wound elements.
  • Skid mounting with pull bars for field or facility mobilization.
  • Custom-engineered housings, coalescer units, and duplex systems.


A lower containment chamber that is bolted on to a horizontal filter housing.

The bolt on sump or boot allows the user to see liquid accumulation in the vessel and safely remove the liquids without dumping the continuous phase liquid or gas.

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When time is of the essence, CPI provides expedited handling and shipping from our Houston facility.  Aiming to minimize jobsite downtime and meet your most demanding project requirements, the Champion team has developed a reputation for our prompt service and product quality & availability. Ask about our affordable rent-to-own programs for long-term equipment needs!  

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