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Quench Water Filtration

In the process of producing ethylene, the failure to eliminate the contamination of processing streams can lead to a reduction in the quality of the final product. It also contaminates your equipment and leads to costly maintenance downtime.

By using our filtration and separation technologies, your business will be able to achieve a maximum degree of contaminant control in quench water filtration.

We offer process condensate, or quench water dilution steam systems, which use filtration to remove the high levels of coke byproduct that are expected with cracked hydrocarbons. Our high-efficiency liquid coalescer system also serves to remove both light and heavy hydrocarbons from quench water.

The Three Main Benefits of a Quench Water Filtration System

  • Minimizes the fouling of the quench system
  • Reduces the contamination of exchangers
  • Lessens the pollution of the dilution steam generator

When used with quench water applications, our filtration technology extends the service life of the stream stripper so that it doesn’t need to be cleaned as often. It also reduces the fouling and the need for maintenance of heat exchangers, lowers the use of steam, and results in a higher rate of recovery. 

The superior filtration and separation solutions from Champion Process, Inc. greatly improve your contaminant control, which results in highly efficient ethylene processing. Not only will you experience an improved quality in products but also greatly reduce the presence of corrosion.

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