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Propane Dehydrogenation Applications (PDH)

Propane Dehydrogenation

Propane dehydrogenation (PDH) is the process of propane being selectively dehydrogenated into propylene. PDH, being the second most used product after ethylene, is a very important aspect of the petrochemical industry.

At Champion Process, Inc., we offer the very best separation technologies for your filtration and coalescing needs.

The following are the propane dehydrogenation applications we offer.


We are proud to offer high-capacity filters that are absolute rated and available in a wide selection of filter media choices. Our filters are available in lengths of 80”, 60”, and 40”, and we also offer high-temperature designs.

  • Propane Feed Filters
  • Reactor Effluent Filters
  • Regen Dust Filters
  • Hot Oil Filters
  • Solvent Filters
  • Sulfur Injection Pump Filters
  • Lock Hopper Vent Gas Filters
  • SHP Hydrogen Filters


In addition to our filters, our coalescers are offered for all major product platforms. By partnering with Champion Process, you will receive shorter lead times and the lowest cost—all without sacrificing performance.

  • Propane Feed Coalescer
  • Caustic/Oil Coalescer
  • Feed Drier Regen Coalescer
  • Ethane Compressor Coalescer
  • Fuel Gas Coalescers
  • Pilot Gas Coalescers

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