Liquid Gas Coalescers

Stainless Steel, Nylon 66, and Threaded Caps for Liquid-Gas Coalescers.

LG6 series coalescers or Liquid Gas coalescers are designed for high flow rates and high solids holding ability. All LG6 coalescers utilize a pleated filter media for higher solids holding ability compared to tubular style coalescers.  The flow direction for Liquid Gas Coalescers is from inside to outside so all solids are captured inside the filter. As the gas passes through the multiple layers of media the tiny droplets have coalesced into large droplets which drain off the exterior of the element. Removal ratings to 0.3 are available. 

Liquid-Gas Coalescers Applications

Media choices for liquid-gas coalescers include glass fiber, polyester, and nylon 66. Hardware choices for liquid-gas coalescers include nylon, stainless steel, steel or acetal.

Liquid-Gas Coalescers Applications

At Champion Process, we provide liquid-gas coalescers to clients in the U.S. and across the globe. Some of our industry partners include refinerypetrochemical, pipeline, wastewater/municipalities and much more. Below are some of the typical applications for liquid-gas coalescers:

  • Removal of Water from Gas
  • Removal of Condensate from Gas
  • Removal of Oil from Gas 

Liquid-Gas Coalescers Performance

  • Removal ratings: 0.3 mic, 1 mic, 5 mic
  • Max. Temperature: 220 °F
  • Initial Pressure: < 2 psid
  • Change-out: 15 psid
  • Diameter: 6”
  • Lengths:  40”, 50”, 60”
  • Seal: Buna or Viton o-ring
  • Hardware: Nylon, Stainless Steel, Steel, Acetyl
  • Media: Pleated                                  
  • Media Types: Glass Fiber, Nylon 66, Polyester



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