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Contamination control is a must for many of the process streams within an ethylene processing unit. Due to the abundance of cheap ethane gas flowing from West Texas shale fields, there has been a rapid expansion of new crackers built along the Gulf Coast that process ethane into ethylene. 

In the process of separation, there are a number of challenging separation applications that face our client base:

Feed Conditioning

Ethylene producers require ethane feed filtration. A separator or L/G coalescer is needed to remove bulk or trace liquids. Lo-NOx Burner Protection is also a priority, as fuel gas coalescers are needed to remove liquid aerosols. This extends burner life and reduces the need for furnace maintenance.

Process Condensate (Quench Water) Dilution Steam System

Filtration is necessary to remove high levels of coke byproducts that are expected with cracked hydrocarbons. This is done in order to minimize the contamination of quench systems, exchangers, and the dilution steam generator. Additionally, a high-efficiency liquid coalescer system is needed to remove both light and heavy hydrocarbons from quench water.

Caustic Treating

This is the removal of red oil from spent caustic with the use of high-efficiency liquid or liquid coalescers.

Mol Sieve Dryer

The placement of a high-efficiency L/G coalescer upstream of the mol sieve bed is required in order to remove liquids and solids from cracked gas.

Acetylene Hydrogenation Reactor

This is the process of removing green oil by using a-high efficiency L/G coalescer.

We provide solutions for all your filtration and separation technology needs: 

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Champion Process is an industry leader in bringing filtration solutions and contamination control. We are trusted by our customers and respected in the industry for our ability to consistently deliver process improvements. This leads to less need for unscheduled maintenance and filter changes. Therefore, this also results in less downtime, which reduces your profit. All of this means a lowering of your annual operating expenses and an increase in profits.

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