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Amine Filtration for Gas Processing

Amine filtration is an essential process in making the gas suitable for the use of customers. Also known as amine gas treating, amine scrubbing, gas sweetening, and gas removal—this process utilizes amine solvents to remove selected molecules such as CO2 (carbon dioxide) and H2S (hydrogen sulfide).

It is only after undergoing the amine sweetening process that these harmful and costly contaminants can be removed, making your gas suitable for sale. Once it is filtered and processed, it may be used in any number of applications such as heaters, burners, and transportation, or marketable for other uses.

The Benefits of a High-Quality Amine Filtration System

  • Reduces filter disposal costs
  • Lessens amine solvent losses
  • Reduces waste and environmental contamination
  • Provides the lowest cost for each pound of contaminant removed

Without amine filtration, the CO2 in your gas will create corrosive carbonic acid when combined with water. The CO2 in your gas also reduces the BTU value, and if it is present in concentrations above 2% or 3%, it will make your gas unusable. This results in massive losses in profits. Additionally, H2S gas is incredibly toxic and will lead to costly corrosion to your equipment.

Depending on Your Specific Treatment Problem, You Should Choose the Amine Filtration Option that Works Best

  • MEA (Monoethanolamine) is utilized in low-pressure natural gas treatment applications requiring stringent outlet gas specifications.
  • MDEA (Methyldiethanolamine) has a higher affinity for H2S than CO2, which allows some CO2 "slip" while retaining H2S removal capabilities.
  • DEA (Diethanolamine) is used in medium- to high-pressure treating and does not require reclaiming as do MEA and DGA systems.
  • Formulated (specialty) solvents are varieties of blended or specialty solvents that are available on the market.

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